Financial Information


Preschool Thru 12th Grade

HDCA provides students with a Christ-centered academic education in a Biblically directed learning environment that prepares them for Christian service and leadership in their community and the world. Our primary focus as a Christian School is to provide a thorough learning experience grounded in the Word of God.  Our program is grounded in the pursuit of excellence. The students at High Desert Christian Academy will be provided a quality education from a Christian perspective.

High Desert Christian Academy promotes a distinctly Christian worldview. We present all subjects as defined by Christian truth and lead students to evaluate all human knowledge and experience in light of the Scriptures. Our graduates possess a deep understanding of their world; the ability to discern truth, beauty and goodness; and the tools to influence the world for God’s glory. HDCA integrates the teaching of all subjects because our world, our faith and our lives are one integrated whole. Students are taught ethics in science, history in mathematics and Bible in art. They are led to understand all things as part of a greater whole defined by Christian truth.


One Student –          $125.00

Two Students –         150.00

Three Students –      175.00

Four Students –        200.00


Preschool – $195.00

Preschool/Explorers – $310.00

Kindergarten – $310.00

1st through 5th – $325.00

6th through 8th – $345.00

9th through 12th – $385.00


Preschool – $3,100.00

Preschool/Explorers – $5,300.00

Kindergarten – $4,500.00

1st through 5th – $4,750.00

6th through 8th – $5,000.00

9th through 12th – $5,250.00

Our Goals at HDCA:

To lead young children into a saving knowledge and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

To have a home, a church and a school working together to meet each child’s needs.

To aid each student in experiencing maximum spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development.

To teach fundamental skills so that the student will be prepared for the lifelong acquisition of knowledge.

To have learning and social experiences that will allow a child to use his own self-expression, inquisitive ideas, and self-control.

To have a Christian faculty and staff who are qualified academically, spiritually dedicated, and have the best interest of a child in mind at all times.