Letter from Administration

Letter From The Administration

Dear Parents,

HDCA provides a partnership between God and parents to educate and challenge the students to spiritual and academic success. We encourage students to become men and women of God and to be creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and responsible citizens serving their community, and country.

We believe that our school is truly “the school that God built.” As we plant God’s seed into our students’ hearts, we hope that someday, if not today, they will go out to be a light in our community and the world.

Our mascot is the Warrior. Through the Apostle Paul, we are urged to put on the armor of God—also called the “armor of light” – in order to fight and prevail in this spiritual battle. We are arming our students with the armor of God, armed with righteousness and knowledge.

Ephesians 6:13-17

We invite you to visit and see our great school. We teach from A Beka curriculum which challenges our students, while teaching the Word of God.

We eagerly look forward to having the opportunity of serving you and your family at HDCA.

In God we trust,

Maggie Hale


The Heart of Education is Education of the Heart

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