Parent Teacher Fellowship

What Does the

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) serves as a link.  A link between the parents and teachers and a link between the school and community.  Here are just a few things we are involved in:

  • Organizing Fundraising Efforts – PTF funds have sponsored things like technology, field trips, scholarships, and other school needs.
  • Staff Appreciation– because we have an amazing faculty and we want to make sure they know it!
  • Prayer – We pray for our community, our school, and our families within it.
  • Support –  We strive to make sure each and every family here at HDCA feels welcome and loved.  Embracing each other is one of the things we do best!
  • Building & Grounds Maintenance – Wherever there is a need, we are there to help.
  • Special Events – There are so many fun events at our school throughout the year!  We enjoy volunteering and engaging in them all.

There is so much we can do to reach out within our school and town.  If we each do a little, we can accomplish a lot!